They say the greatest opportunities for business are during an economic downturn. Berman is the perfect case study on why that is true.

In late 2005, the housing boom was coming to a crashing halt. As a project manager with Toll Brothers, a national home builder, Marty Berman saw overnight how construction crews stopped building. It was going to be a long recovery, but, instead of worry, Marty saw opportunity.

Toll Brothers and other home builders had built thousands of homes in Central Florida they couldn't sell but they had to be maintained. After all, the grass still grows and the dust always falls. Marty put together a group of other construction managers and tradesmen and started working with the homebuilders to ensure their half-finished communities still remained beautiful.

Berman was started and the company quickly had found its niche. Many of the tradesmen placed their faith in Marty and they were able to keep working as housing construction stopped. The demand for his services was significant.

To meet the demand, he called on his friend Gianni Amidoni who had seen his framing business evaporate overnight because of the housing crisis. The two merged their business, giving Berman a significant amount of resources to accommodate homebuilders across Florida.

Berman was started at the right time as the housing construction crisis turned into the foreclosure crisis.

Across Florida, hundreds of thousands of homes were being reclaimed by financial institutions, giving them massive portfolios of empty homes that had to be maintained. One of the largest holders of houses was the federal government and they reached out to Berman for help.

The federal government needed more than just someone to mow lawns. It needed a general contractor to perform repairs on their portfolio of houses and perform all the basic maintenance needs. Berman was the perfect fit.

When the contract came, Berman received a request to oversee the property maintenance of 20 houses. The next day, 20 more came. For months, Berman

received 20 more houses every day. By the end of the foreclosure crisis, Berman was the largest provider of property maintenance to financial institutions in Florida.

But, Marty Berman and Gianni Amidoni knew the housing bust was cyclical. Eventually, the housing market would recover and residential property maintenance would slow down. They reinvested in their company to transfer the skills of maintaining houses to the commercial sector. After all, through boom and bust, any operator and owner of office buildings, shopping centers, institutional buildings and warehouse space in pristine condition.

Using the centerpiece of their business - relationships - Berman was chosen by one of the highest profile companies in Central Florida, the Sanford-Burnham Research Institute in Lake Nona to maintain its new facility.

Burnham was the highlight of the region's push into the biotech industry. It was building the first LEED-Certified Gold commercial building in Florida. It was filled with state-of-the-art machinery and research materials. And, Berman was selected to ensure the facility looked as good as it did on opening day.

Today, Berman has maintained the Sanford Burnham Research Institiute for over 8 years and simultaneously is still the largest provider of residential maintenance services for financial institutions.

It is also the top choice of businesses, government and institutional property owners throughout Florida to keep buildings beautiful because of their track record with building of all sizes. Berman maintains large complicated 1 million square foot buildings and even individual bank buildings as well as everything sized in between.

Across all clients, Berman brings an unparalleled level of customer service and devotion to keeping property beautiful, making its clients and their tenants proud of where they work, live and play.

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