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Commercial and Residential Property Development Services

Berman is a self-developer of urban infill, mixed-use, and hospitality projects. Depending on the project, we look to strategically partner with investors, and we fill the roles of general and operating partners. Creating our own projects and ensuring quality at every stage of the planning and development process, we also source out managing partners.

Berman is the standout option for property development as we are committed to total excellence and professionalism. We put these projects together and work with others to bring them to life.

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A Holistic Approach to Real Estate Development

Unlike many companies, Berman takes a holistic approach to real estate development in that we provide support through every step of the development process. From initial design to post project completion services, our experienced, professional staff can develop projects on a range of different scales.

We have expertise in:

  • Planning and market and feasibility analysis.
  • Cost estimates and income projections.
  • Site acquisition, architectural and structural design.
  • Project planning and implementation.
  • Property management, maintenance, and financial negotiations.

Coordinating project planning and essential trades is no easy task. Our teams ensure that specialists such as surveyors, structural engineers and contractors are well informed, and turn up on site prepared to perform tasks effectively during development. Berman excels at completing projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

Development Services for a Range of Property Types

With development capabilities across a wide range of industries, Berman is able to effectively project manage the construction of properties including retail spaces, office buildings, hotels, and even large scale residential areas. We strive to meet every requirement, and can work to meet even the most demanding development needs, from budget requirements to time and certification requirements.

Our dedication to excellence and going the extra mile has allowed us to win local awards from the Orlando Business Journal:

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